Cycle Oregon Massage team

What steps do I need to take to prepare for my massage?

1st:  Make an appointment 
2nd: Ride like the wind! 
3rd: Arrive at camp, hopefully with enough time to shower, rehydrate (very important), and arrive at the massage tent a few minutes before the appointed time. 
4th: Check in at the massage desk with our friendly, helpful staff. 
5th: Enjoy an awesome massage, relax, and you're ready for another day.

​​Sports Massage on Cycle Oregon

How to make an appointment: ​
Several of the massage therapists pre-schedule massages before the ride. You can contact them directly by phone or email.   

                              *Please refer to the tab for your specific ride to see which therapists                                                                               will be available at your event!*

We are available on registration day (Day 0) before the ride begins to look at the schedule and find a time that works for you.

You can schedule same day sessions with our front desk at the massage tent during the ride; however, spaces fill quickly, especially for certain coveted time slots and those big climbing days. ​We recommend scheduling in advance to ensure getting the appointment time that works best for you.


For the Gravel we start at 12-10p on the Saturday of the ride.  During The Classic, massage is available from Saturday (Day 1) to Friday from 1-10pm: and layover days we start earlier, generally around 9am.



$110- One hour (session time 55 minutes)

$155- The Hour + (session time 85 minutes)

Cash, Visa and Mastercard accepted.

*HSA not accepted.